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"As a mother, you want the best for your children.  It was easier to know what was best for them in their younger years. The College Concierge helped each of my daughters get accepted into the college of her choice and both received great scholarships."

--Thankful Mother  (St. Louis, MO)


"I have to admit that I was feeling overwhelmed, uninformed and late to the game in getting my senior focusing on the college process. While his high school did a decent job of getting information to parents and students, we still were not sure how to proceed with the process. It is such a different process compared to when I was applying to college. 

After enduring the struggle for a few weeks, a colleague gave me the name of The College Concierge. Upon reviewing the packages and discussing my situation with the staff, I felt confident that my son would get through the process without feeling overwhelmed and lost.

We decided to spend a little more on the senior package, and finished our last session with no regrets. I cannot express how grateful I am for the great attention we received from Christy. Her knowledge of the college space kept my son on track with managing the workload in a timely manner. She also made the effort to get to know us personally, which helped my son to narrow down his list of schools right away.

My truly rewarding experience with the TCC saved me the stress of driving my kid through the application and scholarship processes by empowering him to own his space and forge forward. It allowed me to watch him grow as he competently waded through the complexity of college applications with the aid of a trusted partner. We'll miss Christy!"

NM (Denver, CO)

"My College Concierge advisor helped me make sure I took all of the necessary courses and met all the requirements in order for me to play NCAA Division I football. Her help and guidance took away all my family's burden throughout this difficult and confusing process. I couldn't have earned a full ride scholarship without her help!"

--LT (Omaha, NE)

 "I am very grateful to TCC for making the journey to college a great and successful experience for my family."

--BF (St. Louis, MO)

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