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We offer exclusive one on one planning, guidance, and  assistance for students (and adults) who want to maximize their postsecondary potential.


What sets us apart from other services? Not only do we have over 70 years of combined educational experience, but we tailor every second of our work with our clients to meet that client's individual needs. Let us show you how successful you can be!


How we Can

Help You

Here at The College Concierge, we not only understand how complicated the college journey can be, but how unique each client is. We strive to completely customize every second of every session to maximize each client's potential. 

We have designed various packages to guide students as they work towards meeting their postsecondary goals. We will assess each client individually and tailor each session to augment future success.

We will work with each client and his or her family to ensure we do everything possible to help achieve that client's goals. Please give us a call or send us a message if you have questions!

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